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Reconstructing the Historic

Fort Lupton

Rebuilding Fort Lupton finally becomes reality as Arnie Hubert took the helm as planner and team leader in 2005.  

Rebuilding Fort Lupton finally becomes reality as Arnie Hubert took the helm as planner and team leader in 2005.  

A foundation was laid and framing started in the fall of 2005.  Early in the project it was decided to use modern building methods rather than adobe to be able to meet building code requirements and for long term maintenance of the structure.  

By the time snow fell that winter, the framework of fort was starting to take shape.

Hundreds of logs required for the project were prepared and peeled of their bark. 

The smaller logs were used for latias  

Logs were harvested in the mountains

The logs were then planed

And then used for stairways and for supports.

Volunteers learned the art of stucco from Quikrete expert Francis Smith. 

By Autumn of 2007 the fort was taking on the appearance of a real fort. 

The Fort begins to attract visitors even though incomplete.  

Structural and finishing work was done by volunteers every Wednesday and Saturday.

Fort Lupton High School students helped in the construction as well.  

The work was long and hard, and the volunteers got tired.  

The Thom brothers from Wisconsin came to help build the tower.  

By early December of 2008 much of the exterior work had been completed. 

Interior rooms, including the bastion, blacksmith shop, woodworking shop, trade room, and kitchen will all have adobe fireplaces.  

Stairs allow visitors to easily climb up to the tower for views of the surrounding area.  

The fort provides a background for historical events such as the Buffalo Soldiers training school. 

Fire provided warmth inside the fort walls for the December Christmas Bazaar. 

Even though there is much more work to be done to finish the fort, it has already become a community landmark.  

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